5 tips to selling your home during Easter

Here at Craven and Company, we know that when it comes to selling your home you can be represented with an array of issues or concerns. From when the best time to sell your property is, to how much can you sell your home for? Our expert team based in Sale, Greater Manchester are on hand to help answer all your questions and offer 5 tips to selling your home during Easter.

1. The second fastest month to sell a house in the UK

During the month of March, statistics show that on average it can take 57 days to sell a property.

During Easter & April, it takes on average 58 days; this slight increase is still an opportunity to not be missed out on.

We also offer a service where we can purchase your home for cash and be completed in as little as 14 days!

These two months are categorised and tied in with spring and Easter, well known for being the best times to sell your property.


2. Make the most out of the bright light!

During spring, there is plenty of good light and bright skies. From house viewings to outdoor pictures. Having a good lighting source is an added bonus for marketing and viewings as potential customers are far more likely to be up for visiting your property.

With the bright blue sky, you also have the added benefits of warmer weather as winter is left behind so potential buyers are more inclined to be proactively searching for a property in person rather than just scrolling online.

We have a range of proactive marketing tactics we use to ensure all our customers are completely covered in their property marketing aspects from magazines, online platforms and in-house branding. Take a look at how we can help sell your home in Sale, Greater Manchester today.


3. Keep your property clean and tidy

Since the sun is out and the days are brighter, it’s the most important time to ensure your home is as tidy as possible ahead of the many viewings you may receive.

Trimming your gardens will help make your home look far more presentable in images and for all potential buyers.

Cleaning the inside of your home will allow for a far more welcoming visit.

A tidy and clean property is a welcoming and respectable property. When looking at selling your home in Manchester or surrounding areas. We heavily suggest you take the added time to ensure your home is perfectly ready for all your viewings.


4. Expecting more families during April.

When coming to sell your house in April and around Easter, you can typically find that a lot of your potential buyers are families looking to secure their new home ahead of the school holidays.

Many families want to be settled and prepared before the Summer holidays so results in a far more proactive search.

If your property suits the requirements of a family, it can be one of the most beneficial times to consider listing your home. You can secure a sale in a far shorter time than seen in other months.


5. Seek professional, effective and honest advice.

Here at Craven and Company in Sale, Greater Manchester. We thrive by ensuring our customers are 100% satisfied. We offer an array of services that are all professional catered to help sell your home at the best price possible. From cash buying offers completed in as little as 14 days, to our list it only marketing service.

You can talk to a member of our industry-leading expert team by visiting us in Sale, Greater Manchester. Our modern and sleek estate agency is conveniently located on the high street. Our team are happy to welcome you in and help with any questions you may have.

Alternatively, you can get in touch online and our team will swiftly reply to and messages you send through.

If you are hesitant to sell your property through Easter or just curious. Make the most out of this very beneficial period and let’s secure you a sale!


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