The perfect time to sell your home during the “Craziest” property market of all time

Same day house purchases, instant cash valuations, an influx of active buyers and higher selling prices. Along the many current reasons why today is the perfect time to sell your home during what is considered “the craziest property market of all time”.

Craven and Company in Manchester are here to explain why our specialists identify today as the prime time to sell your home.

What is the market like?

The current property market is the most surprising it has been in years, over the past 12 months it has been so unpredictable yet we stand in a situation where the average house price has risen from around 129,000 to 188,000 from 2016 to 2021 in and around Salford. This incredible increase is a perfect reason for many property sellers to jump on the market and make the most out of this inflation.

In and around Manchester, it highly likely that you can even see properties selling for upwards of £40,000-£50,000 above the asking price. Not only are properties selling above the estimated valuation, but this also leaves sellers in a very profitable and positive position.

The unpredictability leaves many sellers in a position of uncertainty however with the rate of house sales and the duration until completion dramatically low. You can expect to sell your property for an incredible deal at an incredible rate.

What services can help you sell your home?

Here at Craven and company we have not only made the most of the current situation and improved our marketing measures, we have introduced new schemes to give back to our customers even more!

Refer a friend scheme, receive instantly £250 upon any completion from a referred friend or family member. Simply, refer somebody and wait until a deal is done, from this point you can expect an additional £250 in your account the same day.

Instant cash buys, we know people are sometimes in need of cash, that’s why we offer a FREE valuation and also a cash price. We can have your home completed within 14 days and the money straight into your account!

Our team are proactively trying to improve to ensure each of our clients has a bespoke tailored approach with the highest amounts of benefits to help them with their property journey.


Investments to rent through Manchester

Many buyers are purchasing homes without even visiting. A lot of investors, cash buyers and even builders are working together to purchase properties, upgrade and then rent out to the public.

The incredible demand for these homes puts you in a certain place to sell your home with ease.

By speaking to a member of our team we can put you in line with an array of our active buyers who may be interested in a fast, friendly and easy purchase.

To start your speedy journey in selling your home through and around Manchester today, simply get in touch with a member of our highly experienced industry-leading team. You can give us a call, drop us an email, visit us in-store or even contact us via our contact page!

Our team are happy to offer advice and expertise to help you sell your property during these booming times.

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