Which estate agents to chose in Greater Manchester

When looking into finding your perfect estate agents in Greater Manchester, it can not only just be time-consuming, confusing and a complex time but you also have lots of features to take into account before finalising what estate agents to chose. From the services they offer, expertise and a portfolio of clients are amongst the many reasons and features to look out for in your next estate agent.

Here at Craven and Company, we are completely transparent, we offer services aimed and tailored with customers in mind.

From our low-cost marketing plans where you, the customer, can market the property with us, by using our proactive marketing strategies and measures along with our vast array of techniques used to sell homes. Yet you deal with the rest.

Some people may think this is strange, however having the ability to control all negotiations, meetings and viewings are powerful. You have every ounce of control over what your property will sell for. We don’t push our sales on you, we push our sales on your property to help you secure a completion! A win for you is a win for us!

Looking for a one-stop-shop is also a key factor, here at Craven properties we are able to cover every aspect of your house selling, buying and renting journey. From our pristine expert valuations, property advice and incredible sales techniques. Our team have experience in all sectors of the industry and are equipped with the essential tools to help you, sell your home, buy a home or rent a property faster than being alone.

When working with an estate agent, it’s a great idea to actually bond. Here at Craven, we aren’t just your local expert estate agent in Sale, Greater Manchester, we are also your industry leading family. Prepared to make the right moves in getting your home ticked off the market.

We have even had sales fly off the shelves in as little as 24 hours with our incredible valuations and advertising methods.

You don’t want to just be another number, you want to be part of a team, that’s the warm comforting approach we take here at Craven and Company.

We don’t treat you just as another number like many companies, we in fact bring our incentives to help you earn on the go! From our refer a friend scheme where you can walk home with £250 for just referring a friend, family member or anyone in which results in a completion!

The easiest £250 you could have!

To make it even easier for you, we have a large portfolio of investors, landlords and future home buyers on the prowl waiting for there next perfect home. So much so we even offer a cash valuation. Receiving payment in as little as 14 days and the money straight into your account!

Now we showcased a few of the incredible incentives and features to look out for in estate agents in Greater Manchester.

The ball is in your court.

Be sure to ensure the following criteria are achieved before jumping into your next deal.

  1. Trustworthy company
  2. Portfolio of successful clients
  3. A range of services from selling, buying and renting
  4. Local knowledge
  5. A family-oriented approach
  6. A great attitude to ensuring your outcome is as best as possible

Now we have listed all our amazing features, don’t hesitate to give a member of our warm welcoming team a call and let’s get you started today!

We hope to see you soon,

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