The advantages of buying a home in winter

We are all aware that buying a home can be a scary, intimidating yet exciting time in our lives. A home is considered one of the biggest life investments each person has to make. That’s why ensuring you find the perfect property for you, in the most ideal location at the best price are amongst the many factors to keep into account when buying a house.

With it now creeping up to Christmas, the winter and cold nights approach. Many home buyers can often be put off their tracks and discouraged to look at homes during this season. In fact, it could be one of the better times of year for you to find a new house with many extra advantages!

Start the new year with a BANG!

Each new year starts with a bang, with plenty of fireworks!

You can make your new year extra special, finding your dream home could be the perfect step in making the new year a great stepping stone in the right direction. Having a new positive start is a great way to set you on the right track and a great feeling when you become a homeowner.

Having the ability to start fresh and enjoy the comforts of your “own home” during this period is a great achievement and something many homeowners often overlook!

You can see the property for real!

We all know images can be deceiving, that’s why it’s great to look around a property with a fine-tooth comb. The ability to see the property during the most demanding time of year “winter” and get a feel for how it copes during these times is a great way to have a real understanding and insight into whether it’s the right move for you.

You can get a real sense of comfort, relaxation and a great feel of what living in that property will be like. Rather than a bright day with no heating. Viewing a house during the winter makes many imperfections stand out resulting in an easier decision for you!

Motivated sellers!

During winter, the market is far more adaptive, with sellers motivated to sell a property rather than sitting on it, offers are more likely to be accepted and the better deal is the likely option for you.

Receiving your home at its cheapest state ahead of the influx in buyers during the summer months.

What to look out for? The Cons

Buying a home bears the heavyweight of some complications.

Buying a home during winter may result in a far less saturated property ladder. With many sellers holding off to list their property at a later date, such as spring where they have a higher demand and increased valuation!

Always keep an eye out for the length a property has been listing because being listed during winter could be a big indication that it has been a “Stale” listing and no results have been made. Our team proactively are working to make this not the case for our clients!

To seek advice and our professional support, don’t hesitate to get in touch and our Manchester-based estate agents are more than happy to help get your property search during the winter on track to success.


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