Why selling your home in Spring is the “Perfect” option

Property prices continue to soar at incredible rates, the fastest rise since 2007. Making joining the property ladder a far more distant dream for many first time buyers across the UK.

If you are already on the ladder, looking to sell your property. Here is why Spring could be the perfect option for you to begin your listing.

March is widely known to buy a busy time for the property market, with many UK homeowners looking to sell and buy before the Summer period arrives.

Although house prices are rising, this could still be the perfect time for you to sell your home, hassle-free, quick and convenient during todays market.

Seasonal demand is a huge factor when selling your home, having a listing in spring allows you to reap the benefits of many homeowners and first-time buyers, actively looking on the market.

A similar situation as previously mentioned. Many potential buyers are wanting to start the journey in spring, to help avoid going past Summer. The high demand for a new home for the summer period is an exceptional drive for many.

Listing in spring helps avoid the influx of properties on the market in the few months to come. So not only are you in less competition, you are reaping the benefits of a high-quality customer audience due to demand.

Some serious profit is available for those who own homes in high demand areas such as the countryside or coast.

The 4 main features of homes being sought after; are good locations, beautiful gardens, high-speed broadband and energy-efficient homes.

To start your journey in selling your home this Spring, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Greater Manchester-based estate agent, helping you sell your home anywhere in the UK.



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