Why Craven and Company are your perfect solution to selling a property

Here at Craven and company, we are well aware that properties are flying off the market as quickly as they being added. So much so we have completed sales in as little as 24 hours! From a variety of marketing techniques to the current world situations. There are many impacts to selling your property during these strange times. This is why Craven and Company are your perfect solution to selling a property in and around Sale, Greater Manchester.

Who are Craven and Company?

We are a team of highly experienced individuals with over 35 years in the industry, from highly accurate valuations to incredible modern marketing methods such as online articles, online stores, social media, in-house advertising and sometimes magazines! We aim for 100% customer satisfaction so you can be assured that here in Sale, Greater Manchester you will be in the best hands to ensure the perfect outcome when selling your home.

Our Sale based estate agency is a clean, modern and sleek home to our amazing staff. With an array of skills and abilities, Craven and Company are able to help you through every step, every journey and every situation with not only selling but buying and renting also.

Experience is key

When looking for someone to sell a home, looking for experience is essential.

Who better to sell your Manchester-based home, flat or studio than those who are based there? Our team have over 35 years in direct sales throughout Sale, Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Manchester centre along with surrounding areas.

Knowing all the ins and outs of locations, prices and contacts to ensure your sale is as smooth sailing as possible.

Our testimonials speak for themselves, take a look at how some of our clients feel we have helped them with selling a property!


Craven and Company have an extensive portfolio!

We have a large array of customers & clients here at Craven and Company. In a lot of instances, we have buyers at the ready to purchase homes as they come in. Tenants ready to let & people looking for new properties.

When selling with Craven, you aren’t just walking into an empty room, you will be walking into the real estate industry with the best support and potential to help you secure the perfect sale on your home.


What makes us stand out?

Some of the services we have to offer are unseen throughout Sale, Greater Manchester with proactive marketing techniques, Instant cash offers, Do it yourself packages and even a refer a friend scheme!

So many ways you can have control over the outcome of your sale, different prices and different levels of leadership. We can take care of every ounce of work related to selling your home, or you have the ability to deal with all viewings and we just market.

You take your pick, join the hundreds of others who are part of the Craven and Company team.

Feel free to enquire today and our team are more than happy to help.


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