How long does it take to sell a property in 2021

As we are all aware, there are endless factors to the time it takes for completion dates when on the property ladder. As covered here at Craven and company in Sale, Greater Manchester, Covid-19 has really introduced some new opportunities to help sell your home and reach that completion date in as little time as possible. This is how long it takes to sell a property during 2021 and how our expert estate agents can help you along your journey.

From questions such as how long it takes, how quick can a property sell, how can you speed up the process and how can Craven & Company offer their services to enhance the outcome of any listing.

The great news is, through this tough time, our estate agency based in Sale, Greater Manchester has rolled out several new schemes to help the entire process of selling your home, flat, studio or apartment.

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, M33 4BP

, M33 5LS

How can Craven & Company help sell your property fast?

Through the entire of 2020 and 2021 during this lockdown situation, there has been an influx of in-market buyers with more mortgage incentives and better rates for first-time buyers to get on the ladder. Property sales have skyrocketed and flown off the shelves.

Our expert team have introduced a few factors to help make your journey even smoother.

From our Refer a friend scheme; simply refer a friend, family member or any one of the matter and once completion is achieved, receive cash straight into your bank account. How does this help with selling your property faster? This incentive has gained the interest of new buyers into Craven and Companies portfolio, offering faster turnaround times as more potential buyers are lined up ready to secure a great deal.

To our incredible cash offer service. Offering accurate and positive cash valuations for your property and completion in as little as 14 days total!

How long does it take for completion to take place?

With our services such as Cash offer valuations, we see properties sold in as little as 24 hours on several occasions.

Successful Quick Sale for Craven Properties!

We offer a simple roadmap to help escalate the process of selling your home and how our Manchester-based team are able to be of assistance in selling your property as quickly as possible during 2021.


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