First time buyers in 2022: 5 Key facts

Buying your first home is a major milestone in many peoples lives. 2022 could be the year that you make the move and enter the world of properties. There are many aspects to buying your first home, from the legal checks, mortgage advice, property research and your own opinions. We can’t take away your own […]

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Properties with fireplaces are in high demand!

During the cold winter months, with freezing nights and the need for comfort. It is easily identified that demand for fireplaces is always on the rise! But did you know, having a fireplace in your home can actually help sell your property substantially compared to without! Especially noticeable in the areas of Manchester, Sale and […]

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Buying a house during Christmas | An all-in-one guide!

During the festive period, many house buyers tend to stay away from the property market due to the significant benefits of future seasons and buying a house. A surprise to many, Christmas has many benefits for buying and selling properties and is a time of year that shouldn’t be ruled out! Here are some guidelines […]

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The TOP 7 tips for selling a house at Christmas

When approaching Christmas, it can become a questionable time to whether or not, selling your home is the best option. Here at Craven and Company, we have a range of great advantages to selling your home during winter.  Selling your house during the Christmas period could actually be the perfect season to achieve a quick, […]

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Preparing for the Boxing Day Boom!

It is notoriously known that boxing day is home to the “boxing day boom”, a time in which all estate agents portals receive the highest surge in traffic throughout the year. From Rightmove to Zoopla, the demand for these platforms skyrocket to numbers unseen through the rest of the year. To put it into perspective, […]

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Top 5 reasons to sell your home in Winter!

Typically we see many homeowners looking to buy and sell properties during the spring and summer seasons, an influx in buyers on the market and a far large selection of properties to choose from. Selling your home during these heightened periods offers both advantages and disadvantages to the seller’s approach. Everyone looking to sell a […]

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The advantages of buying a home in winter

We are all aware that buying a home can be a scary, intimidating yet exciting time in our lives. A home is considered one of the biggest life investments each person has to make. That’s why ensuring you find the perfect property for you, in the most ideal location at the best price are amongst […]

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The advantages of selling your property for cash in Manchester

We have recently introduced our “sell your property for cash” service across our agency. With the increased demand on house sales and purchases. Our incentive to provide clients with an accurate cash offer and completion is as fast as possible has gone down a storm! Each individual has to address why selling their property for […]

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Which estate agents to chose in Greater Manchester

When looking into finding your perfect estate agents in Greater Manchester, it can not only just be time-consuming, confusing and a complex time but you also have lots of features to take into account before finalising what estate agents to chose. From the services they offer, expertise and a portfolio of clients are amongst the […]

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