Our FREE checklist to selling your home in Sale, Greater Manchester

When it comes to selling your property, we know it can be a scary time, with lots of decisions to make and criteria to fill. This is why we have compiled a simple yet effective checklist for you to follow to help sell your home in Sale, Greater Manchester.

If you don’t live in Sale and still need help selling your property, this checklist will give you the guidance you need.

With lockdown restrictions, lots of companies have moved towards digital and online measures. This is why in this guide we are also catering all the pointers to help with your marketing advantages to help sell your property as swiftly and effectively as possible. Our team of industry-leading estate agents are constantly helping the people of Sale with all their housing needs, from selling homes, renting properties, lettings and even scouting your dream property, you are in the perfect hands when it comes to selling your home!

Our FREE and SIMPLE checklist to selling your home

Please use this checklist as guidance to selling your property, our team are always welcoming to any questions and enquiries you may have. Or simply, do you want to sell your property for cash in as little as 14 days? Get in touch and we can help you with your best next step!

☑ Preparation is key!

Like when you sell anything, preparation is essential. With our range of proactive marketing methods and procedures to effectively sell your home. We advise that you really take that extra moment to tidy your property, freshen up any rooms, cut your gardens and make your home as visually appealing as possible. You can read more about what measures to take here.

☑ A realistic and professional valuation

Everyone does it, we have our own valuation in our heads and quite often we find this to be unrealistic. Some people don’t realise the value their property has, others will have intentions of selling their home for far more than the market value. Our team have over 40+ years of experience in valuations and know every factor when it comes to selling your home in Sale, Greater Manchester. You can book a free valuation and our team will set you the perfect plan to selling your property at the best possible price.

☑ Are you prepared to sell your home?

When selling your home, you have to be open and accepting of the idea that you will receive offers, if you aren’t 100% there about selling your property, you are less likely to accept an appropriate deal. You can seek our professional advice and our team are able to help you make the right choices on how to prepare yourself in selling a property in and around Sale, Greater Manchester.

☑ Have you found the right estate agent?

The biggest factor about selling your home is actually using a professional and effect estate agency. Some estate agents take a laid back approach and list your property with very little active marketing. Craven and Company have an array of marketing methods from magazines, social media, online and property search sites all in use to help sell your home. We have sold hundreds of properties in Sale, Manchester and have been trading for over 25+ years. Our established industry leading team are ready to take every client on individually. You aren’t just a number to Craven and Company. We have an array of packages available that will help sell your home, why not get in touch and we can discuss what measures may be best for you.

☑ Have you made your move?

We have everything in place ready for you here at Craven & Company but have you made your move. You can visit our modern estate agents in the heart of Sale. We are able to offer online services as you can see across our site or even have a phone consultation to help with any enquiries you may have.

Don’t hesitate, today is the perfect day for you to start selling your home, let’s make it count!


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