What to look for in a local estate agent

Choosing an estate agent is important to ensure you have the best possible outcome regardless if you are buying, renting or selling a home. It’s important to take note of what to look for in a local estate agent and the key factors that should help influence your decision in working alongside an independent estate agency.

Track record

One of the first things to look at is the track record of the estate agents around you, this can include, how long it takes them to find you a property and secure a deal to the time it takes to sell your home.

Why is a good track record important?

It’s an instant measure of reassurance, the fact an estate agent is able to swiftly sell a property suggests they have the correct methods and measures in place to help assist their customers. When buying a home, it’s ideal that they are able to find the perfect home swiftly, this would imply they have sufficient resources and links to properties in which can cater to you.

Here at Craven and company, our local estate agent based in Sale, Greater Manchester is a perfect place for all your estate agent needs, with a proven track record for a variety of clients, we can complete sales in as little as 14 days. With cash offers and payments with a short turn around time available, rest assured you will receive the best offers possible for your home. With a long list of landlords ready for properties and clients ready to move into new homes, we have the database needed for swift and efficient transactions from our 30+ years of trading and industry experience.

An expert team

It is essential to seek help from a professional team with vast amounts of knowledge in the industry. This can assist you in making the right decisions and provide you with the right amount of support and help to complete your estate agent needs.

The professional team here at Craven and Company have over 40 years of experience in valuations and for over 30+ years have been working in Sale, Greater Manchester gaining an extensive amount of knowledge on the surrounding area. With industry-leading knowledge and expertise on houses for sale, properties to rent and selling a home in the Manchester and the surrounding area, you couldn’t be in safer hands than with the warm welcoming team at our store.

Your not just a number

Finding a local estate agent that treats you as an individual case is one of the most important factors when it comes to looking for the right estate agents near you. A lot of large estate agents aim to fly you in and out as quick as possible with little attention and care to each individual case. With a local independent estate agent, you are able to address all questions and enquiries you may have and have a dedicated team to liaise with to ensure your satisfied.

With different departments within Craven and company, our dedicated team are able to assist you each and every step of the way. Providing a warm welcome from the offset you will be hand in hand with industry-leading professionals to get you to your desired outcome.

If you feel your ready to make the move and look for a property to buy, rent or sell then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. We will be more than excited to help you with all enquiries you may have, give us a call, contact us online or visit us instore at our Sale, Greater Manchester-based branch.


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