Top 5 reasons to sell your home in Winter!

Typically we see many homeowners looking to buy and sell properties during the spring and summer seasons, an influx in buyers on the market and a far large selection of properties to choose from. Selling your home during these heightened periods offers both advantages and disadvantages to the seller’s approach.

Everyone looking to sell a property during winter could actually be “warmly” welcomed to the amazing benefits of this season. Here are the Top 5 reasons to sell your home in winter.

Showcase the comfort and cosiness of your home!

During the cold months of winter, having your home in a state of comfort and cosiness allows for potential buyers to get a real feel of how your property can feel, offering a sense of support and relaxation is a great way for future homeowners to feel the security that the property will offer adequate warmth. Simple things such as blankets and candles can achieve a far more comforting approach and in a result can help the sale of your home speed up. If both the buyer and seller are relaxed and comforted then a great outcome will soon be on the cards.

Far easier preparation and less maintenance

When selling a home during the summer, you have a lot of maintenance to the property such as pristine window cleaning to hide from the rays of the sun, a perfect garden to showcase outside in the gleaming light and a lot more of an attentive factor is needed.

When looking at property sales in winter, you are welcoming with a far easier and relaxed approach. Making sure the inside of your home is comforted and presentable is the main factor as many areas such as gardens don’t require as much attention unlike showcasing in summer.

A proactive marketing approach

Unlike in summer or spring, since there are far fewer properties on the market it is a great factor for selling your house during winter. With a far more proactive marketing campaign with more continuous support from an estate agent (although here at Craven we offer support to all our clients) you will see more appearances of your property with a proactive push. Reaching and leasing with your local estate agents will be far easier during this time.

Real genuine buyer interest

Since during winter there are far fewer properties available, it is typically found that the interest you do receive will come from a more genuine background. With people searching during an off-peak time, they have a higher demand to secure a property.

If a potential buyer is willing to view a home during wet, windy and wild weather conditions, you can be assured they are far more willing and open to purchasing the home.

Lower property competition

With a minimal amount of properties on the market, having your home for sale allows you to achieve great results with a minimum to zero amount of competition. An extremely low quantity of homes for sale and a great success rate is a positive factor to selling your home during winter.



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