The TOP 7 tips for selling a house at Christmas

When approaching Christmas, it can become a questionable time to whether or not, selling your home is the best option. Here at Craven and Company, we have a range of great advantages to selling your home during winter. 

Selling your house during the Christmas period could actually be the perfect season to achieve a quick, convenient and valuable offer!

Here are the top 7 tips for selling a house during Christmas.

1. Select the correct estate agent for your needs

We have covered the advantages of choosing an independent estate agent, rather than just being an additional number. From proactive marketing to constant customer liaison, the perfect estate agent should be able to help you with all your requirements along your journey selling your home during Christmas.

Here at Craven and Company, we strive by ensuring our customer satisfaction remains at the top of our agenda. See what our clients have to say below.

2. Correct valuations

We cannot express how much an accurate valuation impacts the effectiveness of a property sale. Even through Christmas, it is just as essential to receive an accurate valuation on your property. Ensuring you are not selling your home too short or over asking for the property.

3. Keep your home tidy and clean!

Many people viewing homes during Christmas need a sense of how cosey your property actually is. If your home is untidy and a mess, it can seem extremely off-putting for potential buyers. Having a well-kept home can be the extra push needed to secure your perfect offer.

4. Don’t hesitate to be festive!

Get those Christmas decorations up! Although you plan on leaving the property, having a sense of festivity can make your viewers feel far more festive and jolly during your exchange. A happy and positive house viewing is far more likely to result in a sale rather than a negative, morbid experience.

5. Stay flexible!

Everyone is extremely busy during the Christmas period, ensuring you remain as flexible as possible for your viewings is a great way to seem helpful and approachable to potential buyers. Working around a viewer will help build a rapport with them, a pleasant experience is always essential, especially during the cold nights.

6. Do the correct research!

Working with the best estate agent is a great way to really target your prime audience.

A good estate agent should be able to identify potential marketing leads, help with valuations, advise on potential purchasing categories and help you do the initial research into selling your property with the best outcome.

7. Be prepared to move!

There is nothing worse than securing a sale, and then your buyers back out due to elongated transition periods due to you not knowing where or what to do.

Here at Craven and company, we can help you each step of your journey. Ensuring you receive the best support possible helps your experience be a breeze.


To start your journey with Craven and company, secure the best offers, receive the best support and have great proactive marketing strategies to help your property in no time! Don’t hesitate to get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to help!

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